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This is where we thrive.  While developing your packaging build a set of manufacturing specifications that have all processes documented for smooth sequencing.  It’s a sort of road map so our teams remain aligned globally, and we ensure you get what you ordered.


Custom Packaging Manufacturng and Printing Details Colors Sequencin

HowLett provides pick-and-pack order fulfillment and warehousing services from Kentucky. We will handle your direct to consumer shipments as well as wholesale. Our team can manage your inventory, short and long term.


Fulfillment and Warehouse Services Direct to Consumer Shipment

Our team precisely engineers packaging components that work together to form a complete system. We thrive on delivering functionality within complexity and believe that well-coordinated packaging speaks volumes.


HowLett packaging development

HowLett is an expert in research and development of environmentally sustainable materials for packaging. We are committed make our brands a part of the solution.


We build moments.

Fulfillment + Experiential Packaging

We build moments.

Fulfillment + Experiential Packaging 
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